Transfer Paper Print Machine

Our Transfer Print is an independent and compact machine that is used to print, in a continuous working system, weaved and knitted fabrics as well as continuous filaments on warp beams using the transfer of colours based on temperature.

Also it can be used as a fabric dry laminating machine for intermediate thermoplastic films.

Standard Working Width 1200-1600-1800-2200-2400-2800-3200mm
Depending on your specific production necessities the TRANSFER PRINT can be supplied with the
following main cylinder diameters:
Diameters 600-800-1000-1200-1500mm
Optional Teflon Coated Cylinder
Plaiting Device


The transfer printing system is actually offering the users some advantages with respect to the traditional system.

• It is a pure ecological system.
• It needs a very simple installation and minimal space.
• Is also offers excellent results in terms of colour solidity and penetration, together with an agreeable fabric
  soft touch.
• Because of the fabric circulation system, our machine is able to process not only weaved and knitted fabrics
  but also continuous filaments on warp beams.

The fabric printed in a transfer printing machine do not need further treatments, like washing or steaming, so no auxiliary machine or chemical product is needed. The transfer printing system is successful all around the world has stimulated the manufacturing of transfer printing paper. It is very easy and economic to create and obtain proper as well as, personal designs. The pressure between paper and fabrics is controlled by a special tubular and endless felt which is provided by an automatic device to avoid any possible lateral displacement.

The heating system of the oil contained inside the main cylinder can be obtained in two different ways: by electrical resistors or by external oil circulation system supplied from a generator.

Drive system with VF AC gear motor device in order to accommodate the necessary work speed to all kind of fabrics.

Automatic temperature regulation up to 230°C that allow high production also with smaller cylinder diameter.

After printing the used paper and the printed fabric are both rolled-up.


Mainly used for upholstery, furnishings, sarees, dress materials , garments.

Also used for designer terry towels.

Technical Specifications

Model No : AX 21200 21180 21160 21120
Working Width 2000 mm 1800 mm 1600 mm 1200 mm
Roller Face 2200 mm 2000 mm 1800 mm 1400 mm
Nomex Felt Width 2100 mm 1900 mm 1700 mm 1300 mm
Ø Heating Cylinder 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
Installed Power 80.00 KW 67.00 KW 50.00 KW 43.00 KW
Speed 30 m / min 30 m / min 30 m / min 30 m / min
Temp. 230°C 230°C 230°C 230°C
Air Pressure 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar

# Design and specifications are subject to change without prior intimation.
# Required size available on demand.