Mini Coating Stenter Machine

We introduce our Mini Coating Stenter Machine for pre treatment and post treatment of fabric which are essential processes of digital printing technology.

The machine is suitable for coating and drying silks, cotton, synthetics and woollens. Mini Coating Stenter machine is economical, user friendly, has the best features and is highly cost effective.

Mini Coating Stenter machine consists of :

  • Batch Unwinder
  • Swivel Tension Unit
  • Coating : (Mangle)
  • Fabric Conveying System : Pin type
    Optional : (Clip type or Conveyor Belt type on demand)
  • Heating : By means of Infra Red Electrical Heating system
    Optional : (Gas Heating System on demand)
  • Winder


Inbuilt Unwinder suitable for batch Ø 200 mm (approx)

Dipping Trough

Fabric from Unwinder via Swivel Tension Unit passes through the dipping trough where slurry is picked by the fabric.


There are two rubber coated rolls of Ø 190 mm, one stationary and the other is held by special levers. By means of the lever system pneumatic pressure from Pneumatic cylinder is transmitted to this roll so that it presses against the stationary roll at desired pressure. Pressure is regulated by means of control valves. Once the squeezing pressure is pre-adjusted and set , uniform pressure can be maintained throughout.

Fabric Conveying System

Coated Fabric from the Mangle is conveyed to the Drier by the fabric conveying system either by Pin type or Clip type or Belt Conveyor type system.


Drying by means of I.R heaters.
I.R heaters to be selected depending on width of fabrics.


Inbuilt Surface Winder is driven by the Conveyor drive, Compensator provided to synchronise the linear speed of the system.

Technical Specifications

Model No AX 18220 18160
Working Width 600 - 2200 mm 600 - 1600 mm
Fabric Conveying Speed 0 - 1 m / min 0 - 1 m / min
I. R Heaters 18kW / 13.5kW 13.5 kW
Machine Size 4500(L) x 3000(W) x 1200(H) 4500(L) x 2400(W) x 1200(H)
Installed Power 21.5 kW 17 kW

# Design and specifications are subject to change without prior intimation.
# Required size available on demand.