Dew / Plastic Drop Print Machine

Dew Drop Print

During the night and early morning, due to humidity, condensation takes place and small droplets called dew are formed. These dew drops are clear, transparent and reflect light brightly. The dew drop machine prints such beautiful dew drops on textiles.

Dew drop effect is obtained using resin paste which can be used for printing on any kind of textile. On adding pigments to the paste colourful effect like dews can be obtained on the entire fabric.

Plastic Drop Print

The appearance of paste is milky white and later various coloured foil can be transferred to give the plain white specific colours. The colourful effect can also be obtained by adding pigments to the paste. Various droppings in different patterns can be obtained by using special rotary screens.

Technical Specifications

Working Width 1600 mm
Mechanical Speed 20 m/min
Electrical Power 53 kW
Compressed Air 6 - 8 bar
Space Requirement 4m width x 13m length

# Design and specifications are subject to change without prior intimation.
# Required size available on demand.