The Company


Artex possesses a high-tech manufacturing unit with specific machineries and technology needed for textile purposes. The unit is located in an unconventional location, in the lap of nature in village Dhamdachi at Valsad district in Gujarat, India. Located on National Highway 8, the factory set up is conveniently connected through rail and road from all major cities of the country. Situated in a peaceful place between the financial capital of Mumbai on one side, and silk city Surat on the other. On one hand we have the vast Satpura ranges as well as the huge Arabian Sea on the other hand. Natural beauty of the location is an added motivational force providing energy and vital strength to the team to achieve highest quality manufacturing of special purpose value added machineries.

The Artex Vision

To provide superior quality machines at very competitive prices with timely delivery.

Competitive prices and timely delivery are factors that lead to complete satisfaction of customers and their specific requirements. Guided by this vision the Company has experienced consistent growth in its clientele that has spread like a palm across nations.

As a Company, Artex puts in considerable time and effort in research and development for creation of new products. On-time innovation is a very significant factor in enhancing and augmenting the performance and development of company goals.

Due to the progressive vision, Artex today stands above all in the field of Value Addition Machineries. Innovative ideas, dynamism merged with dedication, team spirit, modern production amenities and excellent production capacity have been the key factors that have led to the Company's successful journey so far and maintain its reputation for Quality, Innovation and Timely Delivery.

The Artex Mission

To provide state-of-the-art development dedicated to the Value Added Textile Machineries production.

Managing complete production of these textile machineries from design to completion.

A team of dedicated and multifaceted experts helps the Company to achieve its mission.

The Company has valuable clientele all over the world that receives absolute value for money for their products. Artex has achieved a lot of appreciation as it consistently exceeds customer expectations. The Company has won International acclaim and brand loyalty among all its clients. With time, the company is very keen to enter new enterprises and widen its horizons.

The Artex Motto

Pursuit of Excellence, Perseverance and Dedication

Uniqueness, Innovation and Advanced technology

Creativity, Reliability, Quality Consciousness leading to customer satisfaction and assurance